7 ways to support
your local SEO campaign…

SEO is a long-term strategy that will gradually improve your search results. Overtime, your business will build up domain authority and improve its local visibility.

Fine Design Ltd - Local SEO
Fine Design Ltd - Local SEO
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  • 01. Claim your business on Google

    Google's service ‘Google Business Profile is your first step into improving your local search visibility. Once you have claimed your business you can start to add and build your content from images to products, services, menus, addresses, and opening times and even post your latest news. If you have multiple locations, you can add these as well.

  • 02. Update your website location details

    Make sure your website, social media, and Google Business Profiles all match the same address, name, and telephone number. If these are different Google may not be able to recognise them as the same business.

  • 03. Add schema markup

    Schema markup is structured data that can help you explain to search engines what your content or data means. Although Schema markup won't affect your rankings it does allow Google to organise your data and helps to show more relevant information to SERP.

  • 04. Add your business to local directories

    Adding your business to local directories can be very time-consuming but rewarding to local SEO. Some paid services will do this for you if you are willing to pay for them. As before make your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) the same on all the directories.

  • 05. Ask your customers to post reviews

    As your business expands you will want to show the credibility of your product or service and where you are located. It's great for business if reviewers applaud your business. The number of reviews you have on Google, Yelp, Facebook etc will help Google decide on the best search results to show.

  • 06. Identify local search terms

    Research local keywords relevant to your business and implement them on new blogs, social media, graphics, and videos.

  • 07. Focus on local link building

    When looking to build links to your website for Local SEO look for links that have value in your area, trade associations, chambers of commerce, guest posts or partnerships.

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