A simple and original way to create a safe workspace

A simple and original way to create a safe workspace
Several of our clients have already invested in the Modulate display system for their various exhibitions. This system is extraordinarily flexible and is also perfect to use in the office to create safe workspaces.

• Powerful 360° magnets connect the system magnetically.
• The fabric substrate is stretched over a metal framework.
• It's easy to set up and does not need tools.
• Easily change the configuration to meet your office space requirements.

The framework and fabric substrate is available in several shapes and sizes. The structure can be self-supporting without feet, or you can use the Twist & Lock feet for a stable free-standing frame. Once you have the system, you can easily design additional fabric substrates for different uses. Each section is colour coded and numbered, which connects with a push-button; each frame and fabric graphic comes complete with a carry bag for ease of transportation and storage.

Take a look at our Modulate Brochure or give us a call on 01354 650679