Pulling in the crowds

How do you get yourself noticed at an exhibition?
Pulling in the crowds

What can you do to ensure your product or service is going to stand out from all those competitors around you? Our Design Solutions Handbook entitled ‘Display Your Brand’ will provide most of the answers you need.

We can supply a whole range of banners to suit your needs and budget, from simple desktop size (A4/A3) to the ‘Giant Mosquito’ with a maximum size of 2m x 3m.

Of course, choosing the right type of display format is only one part of the solution. It is also important to get the graphics right. Here are some key points to remember:

Choose visuals appropriate to the format – consider the proportions of your preferred graphics and images.
Consider from what distance your display will be seen and read – try not to use small type on a 2m high banner that will require viewers to stand very close in order to read it!
Keep text to a minimum – use strong photos and graphics to tell your story and have hand-outs available for customers or potential customers who require more information.
Ensure your message is clear and relevant to the people the exhibition is aimed at.
Have your graphics designed professionally to ensure they are not muddled or messy, and, just as importantly, to ensure the format of the artwork is suitable for the final size of the print.