We have been creating brands since 1991

Fine Design are proud to say that we have been in business since 1991. It's quite an achievement, having weathered two recessions, we have also responded to a whole host of technological advances.

In 1991 when we first started, the main focus was on graphic design for print based marketing material. To put it into context, in 1991, Tim Berners-Lee had not long started the World Wide Web project and so the ability for us to design websites and send email had begun. Microsoft had just launched Windows and Macs were becoming more widely used. This meant we quickly began to embrace technology, making it work in every aspect of our design services.

During these 28 years we have become very well known for being specialists in the food and agriculture sector for packaging and web design, which continues to see growth and innovation, but we do not work exclusively in this sector and we can demonstrate a wealth of experience amongst a broad range of clients.

Fine Design History

On our 10th birthday in 2001 we changed our name from M&D Visuals to Fine Design Ltd and were lucky enough to buy the name “Fine Design Ltd” from Companies House and secure the domain name .ltd.uk.

It was in 2006 we purchased Gwydir House which has given us the opportunity to expand our services by not only having a complete design studio and meeting facilities but also having a fully functional kitchen to be used by chefs for our food photography. It was 2011 before we managed to purchase the .co.uk domain. We had been after this domain since 2001 when we re-branded ourselves. Having a domain name that is easy to remember and that is considered by people to be the logical choice for what they are searching for is so important. Patience is a virtue!

In 2015 we felt it was time to refresh our brand again and introduced our jigsaw of pieces that together form our take on a ‘pinecone’. We have also changed colours from orange to blue, a very similar blue to what we started with back in 1991.